Metal Fabrication

Your partner in metal fabrication solutions

As DURAZER METAL SANAYI, we provide laser cutting, press braking, welding and coating services to companies from various industries including but not limited to automotive, construction and manufacturing, in our facilities encompassing a total of 3600 sq. m enclosed space located at Dilovasi/Kocaeli/Turkey.

Laser Cutting
Metal Bending
Laser cutting

Laser Cutting

Accurate and rapid cuts utilizing a fiber laser

With our Durma HD-F 6020 10 kW CNC fiber laser cutting machine, we’re able to achieve outstanding precision and cut quality in all metal types we work with. We are equipped to handle sheet dimensions up to 6096 x 2032 mm in width and length, and the maximum thickness we can cut through is 30mm on steel and 25mm on more exotic metal types such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium and tungsten.

Metal bending


Put your trust in us with your most challenging press brake jobs

Thanks to our technicians’ experience surpassing 15 years and our Durma AD-R 40320 press-brake’s 4-meter bending capacity and its ability to apply 320 tons of force on the material, we can handle a wide variety of materials and break press projects of virtually any complexity.

Kaynak ve Boya

Welding & Powder Coating

Let us help you with our complementary services and bring your projects to completion

As an additional offering, complementary to our laser cutting and press-brake services, we also offer welding and various coating/painting services as per your individual needs in order to bring you closer to a finished product faster.


As Durazer Metal Sanayi, we offer companies from automotive, construction, industrial and other sectors, laser cutting and bending at our facility with a closed area of 3600sqm in Dilovasi Kocaeli Kobi Industrial Zone.

In order to be able to offer our customers products and semi-finished products of the desired quality and based on production requirements, we carry out all our activities with our professional teams.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the best service in the fastest manner without compromising product and service quality.

With our HD-F 6020 10 kW fiber laser, produced by Durma, sheets of different thicknesses and in different material types can be cut without burrs and with high precision.

Since the dimensions of our machine is 6096 x 2032mm and has a laser cutting power of 10kW, it will meet your sheet metal cutting needs up to 30mm to high quality standards.

In addition to black sheet metal up to 30mm, stainless steel and aluminum materials up to 25mm, materials such as brass, copper, titanium and tungsten are successfully cut.

With our AD-R 40320 press brake, which was also produced by Durma, materials from 4 meters up to 15mm in length can be folded.

We are proud to be a company that has internalized our company values and can continuously improve by increasing our experience with our highly motivated, dynamic, strong and passionate team with every assignment.